Happy Birthday “Pedelecmonitor” – and welcome “Ebikemonitor”

It was Nov. 16th in 2016 when I brought my Focus Crater Lake with Impulse motor back to the dealer to get my money back. Why? 19 month of riding, nearly 10.000km made, but 5 motors?

I collected data about motor issues in all possible forums and blogs I could find in the internet to be prepared for discussions with Derby Cycle – but nothing. They took back the bike and I got nearly all the money back.

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Issues in October 2017

The October statistics are based on over 1.8 Mio. kilometers or 1.1 Mio. miles experiences from 336 ebike systems or users.


As usual no month without a motor issue! The last days I registered 23 new motor issues, some of them were in the past but 20 of them were from the Impulse system of 2015 till 2017. Continue reading

The Impulse motors from Derby Cycle – constructional changes in 2018

It’s August 2017, event in Cloppenburg at Derby Cycle – it’s an obligatory event for everybody, who had troubles within the last two years with the Impulse2.0 and EVO motors. The customers are bothered and discontented. The dealers are in the line of fire between frustrated pedelec bikers with their motor problems and Derby Cycles field stuff that denied that there exist problems with the motors. But a dealer needs customers. So what should a dealer do? He calms down the customers and changed the motor, well knowing that the next failure will occur in a few month. That’s the normal process of all dealers – really all dealers? No! A few people put the screws on Derby, they want solutions and a reliable motor for their customers, else they will thread with consequences.

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Alasdair’s Giant Quick-E+ (US) with Yamaha PW (Quick&Dirty)

Alasdair is no member of the pedelecmonitor. I found his bike review on an EBR-Forum-Thread. The header was „my biggest issue with the ebike reviews, is that I can’t find any reviews over long term use“ – he matched exactly my thoughts.

So I was asking for reviews – positives and negatives. Here is Alasdairs statement about his Giant Quick-E+ with the Yamaha PW syncdrive.


I also have a child seat on it to run errands with my 14mo, he loves it![…] Continue reading