Issues in October 2017

The October statistics are based on over 1.8 Mio. kilometers or 1.1 Mio. miles experiences from 336 ebike systems or users.


As usual no month without a motor issue! The last days I registered 23 new motor issues, some of them were in the past but 20 of them were from the Impulse system of 2015 till 2017.

Bosch Performance

glgeglge (#304) The motor were changed after 3,200km due to clacking sounds. The machanic suspect a main bearing failure.

NeoDrive von Alber (XION)

Matze (#316) The motor shut off completely after 3,000km. A warranty issue.



aktano_alt (#312) His describtion „loss of support“ and „knacking noise“ occured after 2,500km. He got a new Impulse2.2.

BerlinerS11_alt (#332) The motor made metallic noises while pedaling. After 4,500km the motor was not working any more.

FraSa_alt’s (#326) His 2016er Focus made creaking noises and after 1,500km the motor was fixed. Same housing but new crank – but after 1,000km the same issue occured. He got an Impulse2.2.

Pieter1 (#318) had several motors. Short describtion: 1st: loss of power after 4,000km / 2nd: loss of power after 4,000km and motor changed after 8,500km / 3rd to 7th: each arround 600km with sporadic blocking of the motor – he doesn’t know if the motors were fixed or new.

Stefan1_alt (#320) His 2015er Kalkhoff showes sporadic loss of support after 2,200km.

Stefan2 (#321) The other 2015er Kalkhoff showed the same symptoms after 5,200km.


BerlinerS11 (#333) with his new Impulse2.2 had problems with sporadic blocking pedals after 100km, I assume defective pawls.

FraSa (#327) His motor is from March 2017 and failed after 1,000km – no further information, sorry.

Stefan1’s (#339) Impulse2.2 from August 2017 was noisy with heavy vibrations after 1,600km.

ImpulseEVO und EVO RS

Jaidoubleyou (#324) was in repair shop for fixing brakes when the mechanic told him that he needs a new motor – mileage 2.335km. Well after 567km with the new motor, he has grinding and milling noises. Next change please!

Same with Be-vinzel (#331), first motor was changed after 2,600km, 2nd one was working arround 800km.


Westrad.de_1 (#208) had the failure 24 – a problem with a plug. After several fixing trials the motor was send back – a warranty issue.


Go to Google table with all registered motor issues


Mileage charts in kilometers of running and failed drive units in alphabetic order:

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  • green: running
  • red: failed at reached mileage
  • blue: drive unit had an issue and was fixed
  • black line on the right: last mileage update less than 6 month ago

Full size image of


2 thoughts on “Issues in October 2017

  1. Joon 9. November 2017 / 17:57

    I have a planetary geared hub…brand Enduro….a copy of MAC motors. It has around 2500 kms and still running strong. Is there are specific section where you can add reliability ratings for Gearless/Direct Drive and Planetary geared drives? This would be very interesting for people.


    • pedelecmonitor 10. November 2017 / 11:55

      A will add your information very soon. There are so many hubs drives. I’m adding new systems if there are new registered bikes with it. Thanks Joon.


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