Susan’s CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 Race

From October 2016 to June 2017 I could use a borrowed CUBE Stereo 120 Race from Susan (mother in law) to commute to work. So I told her that there will be additional 2.000km (1.250mi) on the bike, when I’ll give it back – but it was more – a lot more!



  • Okt. 9th, 2016     –    412km – I got the CUBE from Susan
  • Nov. 2nd, 2016   – 1.079km – 1st service, new brake pads front/rear
  • Jan. 12th, 2017   – 2.400km – new brake pads front/rear
  • Mar. 27th, 2017 – 4.090km – new brake pads front/rear
  • Apr. 11th, 2017  – 4.494km – chain cracked – quick repaired
  • Apr. 21st, 2017   – 4.558km – 2nd service, new chain, new cassette
  • May 9th, 2017    – 5.094km – quick clamp broken
  • June 3rd, 2017   – 5.800km – 3rd service, new brake discs, new brake pads, free wheel in the rear wheel broken, elimination of air in the brake system, return bike to Susan

My résumé

I had so much fun with the Cube.

In the last 8 month the Cube and me we experienced nearly all possible weather conditions, sun, rain, storm, snow, snow pellet, frost and a lot muddy days. Together we made

  • 5.400 km (3.350mi)
  • 61.630 altitude difference in meter
  • 60 complete recharge cycles

The Cube Stereo is a real fun bike. I used it for commuting with several detours through forests, fields and grasslands or in the city with jumbs from all possible curbs. And I also used it for some heavy uphill and downhill trails. Even in high speed curves the bike was always stable – no flattering. The Shimano BR-M8000 brakes are now my new minimum standard for the next bike. The Kevlar reinforced Nobby Nics made a very good job.

I changed the brake pads but for all other repairs the Cube went to the service, I have a lack of time and not all necessary tools. The total costs for parts and repairs are approx. 600 Euro, so 11 cents per kilometer or 18 cents per mile w/o purchase price. It’s because I want to give it back to Susan as new as possible. That’s the reason why price per mile is so high. Some parts were changed although they were still intact, the front tire, the handles set and the pedals.


During the 8  month just some defects occured:

  • Rear wheel and derailleur were not pre-assembled exactly
  • The result was a stucked chain between wheel and cassette
  • The next result was a broken chain due to the high force to remove the chain from cassette and wheel
  • After 4 month the battery chattered in the battery holder
  • After 4 month a clacking noise began at the rear frame area
  • Noise from the motor due to dirt behind the covers
  • After 5 month the free wheel was broken
  • A bowden cable grinded into the suspension fork
  • The front mud flap scratched at the frame while turning the handlebar
  • Possibly caviation in the brake system
  • Deformed derailleur due to a dumb fall
scratches due to concept issues
deformed derailleur after the spill
worn brake discs
flat pedals – only 8 month in daily use
quick weared gears – the 3 small ones
maybe another 300 miles
parking damages everywhere
still a lot work to let it look like a new bike
handles after the spill
Change the hight of the saddle? This quick release is not clamping any more. The  thread of this aluminium nut is worn.

Here are additional videos that describe the noise issues at the motor and the free wheel.

1. Noise from the rear wheel

2. Noisy motor – but it was a mixture of dirt behind tho motor cover and loosened screws from the drive unit

Susan many thanks for testing your bike – I will also buy a Cube with the Bosch CX. It’s really great!


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