Happy Birthday “Pedelecmonitor” – and welcome “Ebikemonitor”

It was Nov. 16th in 2016 when I brought my Focus Crater Lake with Impulse motor back to the dealer to get my money back. Why? 19 month of riding, nearly 10.000km made, but 5 motors?

I collected data about motor issues in all possible forums and blogs I could find in the internet to be prepared for discussions with Derby Cycle – but nothing. They took back the bike and I got nearly all the money back.

And the data? All the work for nothing? Here the idea for a monitoring of mileage and failures for pedelec- / ebike systems came up. On Nov. 26th the first homepage was online. Monitoring all popular mid drive systems: Brose, Bosch, Impulse, Panasonic, Shimano, Yamaha.

The Blog PedelecBiker wrote in a positive way about the idea and the first 40 visitors registered their bikes. But a homepage is complicated and not easy to manage or to update.

Ok, make it easier. Everybody is blogging! What is a blog? I found the answer in a forum “Blogging is a very very time-consuming activity!” – Sure – let’s try this.

Meanwhile there are approx. 350 biker that are sharing their experiences in a way of

  1. mileage and failure updates
  2. quick&dirty reviews
  3. long term reviews

Amazing! Updated on Nov. 11th, 2017: 341 registered ebikes/pedelecs



Due to the circumstances that ebikes and pedelecs are so popular all over the world and not just in Germany, the google translator is working just – let’s say “kind of okay” and I want to connect to people from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, i decides to create the english “copy” of the Pedelecmonitor. The final motivation were given by Jay Brightwaters “ebike smile” FB group.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a few articles are currently online – but there will come a lot more!

The differences will be just the bike reviews due to the fact that they are written in differrent languages and it’s very very time-consuming to translate everyting from english in german and the other way arround.
Mileage charts and failure documentation will be available in both languages!

So tell everybody about ebikemonitor!
Help to collect REAL FEEDBACK from REAL BIKER!

Join also Jay’s FB group!


Important: It’s my private blog, i get no benefits like money or things from anyone!



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