Issues in November 2017

The November statistics are based on over 2.2 Mio. kilometers or 1.3 Mio. miles experiences from 379 ebike systems or users.


As usual no month without a motor issue! The last days I registered just 7 new motor issues, some of them were in the past.


Bafang BBs02B

Oettel (#352) had sporadic complete loss of power and after heavy vibrations the motor was not working any more. Mileage? Just 500km. He is in duscussion with the supplier.

Bosch Classic

S-Pendler (#337) The motor was changed by the pre-owner at about 3,000km due to a cracked gear wheel. Guess what, same issue happened 5,200km later with the 2nd motor. Both issues were warranty claims.

Bosch CX

Hybrid1317! (#367) has a Cube hardtail, I found him on Facebook. After I told him the idea of the Ebikemonitor, he registered the bike with the first warranty claim. After 4,000km he had a bearing failure – as usual the right main bearing.


Pieter2 (#319) bought his new bike in October and had the first warranty claim in November after just 1,000km. He had a loss of power – a warranty claim.

Panasonic 26V

DL1EKC2 (#373) started with his bike in 2010. After 11,000km he had a motor failure – a warranty claim. With the new motor he continued commuting. Meanwhile he has 30,000km more on his bike, that means 41,000km in total. BRAVO!


Gtwister (#348) also started using his bike in 2010. Six years and 30,000km later the plastic gear wheels were worn. With the help of 50 Euro and some time he could fix the hub drive. Meanwhile he made another 7,000km.

Go to Google table with all registered motor issues


Mileage charts in kilometers of running and failed drive units in alphabetic order:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • green: running
  • red: failed at reached mileage
  • blue: drive unit had an issue and was fixed
  • black line on the right: last mileage update less than 6 month ago

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