Issues in January 2018

The January statistics are based on over 2.6 Mio. kilometers or 1.6 Mio. miles experiences from 449 ebike systems or users.


As usual no month without a motor issue! Due to the cold weather only a few people were riding there ebikes. That’s why I registered only 4 new motor issues this month – Bosch Active & Performance, Impulse2.0 and Yamaha PW some of them were in the past. One Battery failure occured.


Bosch Active

Mailman (#435) registered his bike in January 2018, although we are meeting each other sporadicly during our commuting way. His Intuvia showed „Code 500“ , switching the system off and on again helped for several weeks. The issue occured more often until Code 500 was shown several times during one trip. The bike dealer offered an update for the motor – it didn’t work. So he got a new motor after 14,500kma warranty claim.

Bosch Performance

derf128o (#444) registered his bike due to a defective motor. After 15,000km something inside of the motor cracked, he is pedaling without resistance. The fact is, his bike is 3 years old – pretty sure that it is no warranty claim.



PitPannes (#436) motor was changed after 1,500km. Clacking noise and from time to time he had slippages of the crank arm – really dangerous. The bikes purchase was only a few month ago – a warranty claim!

Yamaha PW

Yamaha motor failures are really really really seldom. Pedaltreter (#420) had loud scratching noise from the motor while he was pedaling faster than the max. assistance speed. After 4.520km he got a new motor – a warranty claim!

Go to Google table with all registered motor issues


Battery issues

Gigha (#66) wrote:
Bosch 400Wh Power pack failed – will not switch on, had been giving occasional error code 530. Assume BMS within battery has failed, does not appear to be any way to test / reflash the BMS firmware. This is original battery and ~ 3 years old, charge cycles < 400. Frame battery connection terminals were badly corroded so new connection cable fitted.

Mileage Updates

As usual here you get a quick view on the current mileages and failures for each motor system.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • green: running
  • red: failed or removed at shown mileage
  • blue: drive unit had an issue and was fixed
  • black line on the right: last mileage update less than 6 month ago

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