Johnnys Ecoride Shortcut with SpinTec R1 250W hub drive (Quick&Dirty)

Johnny is no member of the Pedelecmonitor, I saw a picture of his bike in a swedish elcykel Facebook group. The bike looks quite ok but then I read that he is cummuting 70km per day — what? He made over 8,000km w/o technical problems. Here are his experiences with the Ecoride Shortcut …

“I felt deeply in love with the Shortcut concept the first time my eyes felt on it” Continue reading


Susan’s CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 Race

From October 2016 to June 2017 I could use a borrowed CUBE Stereo 120 Race from Susan (mother in law) to commute to work. So I told her that there will be additional 2.000km (1.250mi) on the bike, when I’ll give it back – but it was more – a lot more!

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Alasdair’s Giant Quick-E+ (US) with Yamaha PW (Quick&Dirty)

Alasdair is no member of the pedelecmonitor. I found his bike review on an EBR-Forum-Thread. The header was „my biggest issue with the ebike reviews, is that I can’t find any reviews over long term use“ – he matched exactly my thoughts.

So I was asking for reviews – positives and negatives. Here is Alasdairs statement about his Giant Quick-E+ with the Yamaha PW syncdrive.


I also have a child seat on it to run errands with my 14mo, he loves it![…] Continue reading