The following sites show the mileage from real customers from all over the world for different mid drives and different hub drives. Just in one chart per motor system, you can see

  • for how long were the motors working w/o damage
  • if there exist motor problems with the system
  • when or at what mileage occured a motor damage.

All motor issues are summarazied in this Google Table with additional information about

  1. member
  2. mileage
  3. date of motor repair or change
  4. symptoms and/or root causes

Go to mid drives units
Go to hub drive unite

Here is one example for a Bosch system, x-axis in kilometers.


  • GREEN: the motor is running w/o failure or damage
  • RED: the motor is damaged or not working at the shown mileage
  • BLUE: parts in the motor were changed – the motor was repaired
  • BLACK LINE (right): The last mileage report was less than 6 month ago

The more people are sharing their experiences like the current mileage and the motor problems, the better an estimation for the reliability could be performed. Especially if you want to buy a used pedelec, these data could help to find good  and reliable motor systems.

So please join and show your mileage to help exploring the real customer situation.

All charts are free to use!