Issues in November 2017

The November statistics are based on over 2.2 Mio. kilometers or 1.3 Mio. miles experiences from 379 ebike systems or users.


As usual no month without a motor issue! The last days I registered just 7 new motor issues, some of them were in the past. Continue reading


Happy Birthday “Pedelecmonitor” – and welcome “Ebikemonitor”

It was Nov. 16th in 2016 when I brought my Focus Crater Lake with Impulse motor back to the dealer to get my money back. Why? 19 month of riding, nearly 10.000km made, but 5 motors?

I collected data about motor issues in all possible forums and blogs I could find in the internet to be prepared for discussions with Derby Cycle – but nothing. They took back the bike and I got nearly all the money back.

And the data? All the work for nothing? Continue reading